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Billy Beez Cartoons

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Honey: Homemade chocolate chip cookies are the best!
Queenie: They sure are!
Papa: Just one more can't hurt!
Uncle Bumble: Be sure to leave enough to share!


Queenie: Good morning, beez. Billy: I woke up hungry! Honey: Do I smell pancakes? Billy: This is the best day ever! Queenie: I am so happy you beez like them!


Billy: Wow! You can flip really well! Honey: Show me what you can do. Billy: I can flip on this beam. Honey: We should join the circus!

Making Your Bed

Papa: Let's get this bed made! Billy: Sure thing, Papa! Papa: Wow! It looks great! Billy: It feels good to have it made too!

Labor Day

Papa: Hard working Beez deserve a day off! Billy: Happy Labor Day!

Lemonade Stand

Billy: I sure am getting thirsty! Papa: Fresh lemonade! Honey: I would like a cup of lemonade too! Queenie: This lemonade is delicious!

Comic Books

Outside of Comic Book Store with a sign that says: New Comic Books Here Billy: I can't wait to get the new comic book! Honey: I'm buzzing with excitement! Billy: This comic is so cool! Uncle Bumble: A new comic book is exciting!

Being Happy

Queenie: Singing makes me happy! Billy: Dancing makes me happy! Papa: Spending time with you beez makes me happy! Honey: Going to Billy Beez makes me happy! Uncle Bumble: Playing games makes me happy!

Beach Time

Papa: Are you beez ready for the beach? Honey: It looks bee-utifual! Papa: I am ready to swim! Billy: It is so much fun!

Park Time

Billy: Look what I can do! Honey: I'm going to try the tire swing! Papa: Hey Beez! Having fun? Honey: Yes, Papa! Watch us! Billy: Yeah, watch us!


Queenie: Here's your lottery ticket! Good luck! Uncle Bumble: If I win, I'll share it with you two! Uncle Bumble: Beez, it's our luck day! I won! Papa: How much are you going to give us?

Ice Cream Truck

Billy: Look, Honey! The ice cream truck is here! Honey: Let's go get ice cream! Honey: This ice cream tastes delicious! Billy: It sure does! Papa: Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Playful Cats

Saturday Cartoon- Papa: Which kitten do you want to adopt? Honey: The white and black spotted cat is so cute! Billy: I really want the orange one! Papa: I am glad that we got both cats! Honey: Me too!

4th of July

Saturday Cartoon- Billy: I'm excited to be cooking out! Papa: Me too! I am also excited for the fireworks tonight! Honey: Me too! Papa: Happy 4th of July Beez! Honey: These fireworks are amazing!


Saturday Cartoon- Papa: I'm excited to be playing bingo! Queenie: I almost have it! Billy: The next number is B10! Queenie: BINGO! Billy: Queenie wins! Papa: Good job! Let's play again!

National Fishing Day

Queenie: It's a beautiful day for fishing! Papa: Let's get us a big fish! Billy: Wow! That's a good one! Papa: Happy National Fishing Day!

National Corn on the Cob Day

Saturday Cartoon- Billy: We are looking for fresh corn! Uncle Bumble: Hi beez, welcome to the farmers market! Papa: Glad you found the fresh corn! Uncle Bumble: Those ears of corn look delicious. Honey: We are going to make fresh corn on the cob with them!

National Donut Day

Saturday Cartoon- Honey: Wait until you beez taste these donuts! Billy: Four of your world famous donuts, please! Papa: Delicious! Billy: Happy Donut Day!

BBQ Time

Saturday Cartoon- Papa: So excited for our first BBQ of the year! Billy: It is a beautiful day for it! Queenie: The food looks delicous Billy! Honey: Happy Memorial Day, beez!

Planting A Garden

Saturday Cartoon: Honey: I can't wait to eat our own vegetables. Queenie: They are going to taste SO good! Honey: It's going to take forever though! Queenie: It won't be too long and it will be worth it! Billy: I'll help keep the plants watered!

Mother’s Day

Saturday Cartoon: Papa: How are the cards coming beez? Honey: Queenie is going to love mine! Billy: I think she'll like mine more! Honey: Happy Mother's Day! Billy: Queenie, don't you love my card? Queenie: Thank you! They both are great!


Saturday Cartoon: Honey: Papa, can we go buy Taffy? Papa: Sure, Honey! Billy, do you want some taffy? Billy: Yes, wait for me!! Billy: A box of taffy, please! Queenie: Buzztastic choice!

Grilled Cheese

Saturday Cartoon- Quunie: Honey, would you like a grilled cheese? Honey: From you? Uh, yes! Honey: This is delicious grilled cheese, Queenie!

Earth Day

Saturday Cartoon- The Beez help clean up a beach for Earth Day. Papa: Clean up time beez! Billy: It's important to reduce, reuse, and recycle, everyday! Papa: Happy Earth Day! Honey: Great work beez!

The Library

Saturday Cartoon- The Beez visit the library. Uncle Bumble: There are so many books! Honey: I would like to get this book please! Billy: They finally have the book I want! Honey: I am so glad I checked this book out! Billy: Shhh! I am reading, Honey!

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday Cartoon- The Beez are on an Easter egg hunt. Queenie: Have fun at the egg hunt beez! Billy: Yay! I finally found an egg! Queenie: Happy Easter, Billy! Billy: Look at all of the BEEtastic eggs we found!

PB&J Sandwich

Saturday Cartoon- The Beez make a PB&J sandwich. Billy: I just want a jelly sandwich please! Honey: I want the FULL PB&J, Queenie! Queenie: Sure thing you busy beez! Billy: This grape helly is perfection on bread! Honey: It would be better is this was cut into a triangle! Queenie: Honey, the way you cut it doesn't change the taste!


Saturday Cartoon- The Beez are helping Queenie find the perfect perfume! Honey: Look at all these different perfumes! Queenie: They all smell so good too! Billy: Wow! That scent is perfect for you!

St. Patrick’s Day

Saturday Cartoon: The Beez found a pot of gold on St. Patrick's Day! Papa: Happy St. Patricks Day, beez! Honey: Look, there's a rainbow! Billy: Let's go try to find the leprechaun! Honey: Ahh, a pot of gold! Papa: It's our lucky day!

Daylight Saving Time Begins

Saturday Cartoon- The Beez are ready for Daylight Saving Time to start. Billy: It's Daylight Savings! One more extra hour of daylight! Honey: I'm so excited to have an extra hour to play outside! Billy: More time for skateboarding!

Going to the Dentist

Saturday Cartoon: The Beez go to the dentist. Queenie: Honey, are you ready for your teeth cleaning? Honey: I hope I don't have any cavities! Honey: No cavities! Billy: That's awesome! I didn't have any either!

Warm Winter Day

Saturday Cartoon: The Beez are enjoying a warm winter day, but then it turns cold again. Papa: Maybe it will be an early spring? Honey: I love this weather! Billy: I could sit out here all day! Papa: I guess spring isn't coming early. Queenie: And now it is snowing. Billy: Okay, Beez! Time to go back inside! Honey: I do love to play in the snow!

Cold Winter Days

Saturday Cartoon: Cold winter days were made for visits to Billy Beez. Honey: I'm going down the rainbow slide! Billy: Yes, we need the energy to run aorund Billy Beez! Queenie: Next stop, Billy Beez! Honey: Cold days are great for a Billy Beez trip!

The Big Game

Saturday Cartoon: The beez are watching the big game! Billy: This is always my favorite game! Papa: Yes, my team is winning! Honey: When is the halftime show? Papa: Yes, they won! Billy: My team gave it a good shot! Honey: I think the halftime show won!

Making Valentines

Saturday Cartoon: The Beez are making homemade valentines. Honey: I love making valentines to give to everyone! Billy: They are going to love getting these! Papa: Honey, that looks great! Thank you! Queenie: I love it so much!

Building A Birdhouse

Saturday Cartoon: The Beez decide to build a birdhouse to get ready for spring. Billy: Do you think we will get any birds? Papa: As good as it looks, we sure will! Billy: Wow! We already have a bird using it! Papa: I told you the birds would love it! Honey: I want to make a birdhouse too!

Soup Time

Saturday Cartoon: The beez are enjoying a nice warm bowl of soup. Queenie: Who is ready for some delicious soup? Honey: I am so cold! This will warm me up! Billy: I am! It smells so good! Honey: Why does it taste so good? Queenie: Secret family recipe of mine! Billy: We need to have this again soon!


Saturday Cartoon: The Beez are organizing their home. Queenie: This place is a mess. Honey: Feelz cozy and lived in to me! Billy: We will help clean-up! Queenie: Now doesn't this look bette? Billy: It feels good too! Honey: I will never figure out where my stuff is at!


Saturday Cartoon: The beez are sleeding down a hill. Queenie: You beez need to be careful Papa: We will be okay, Queenie Honey: Hurry up! Hurry up! Billy: We are going to fly down this hill! Papa: I'm too old for this! Honey: We are going so fast! Queenie: You beez look like you're having so much fun!


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